Testing & Quality Assurance

Metalert ensures that testing is carried out according to all customer requirements.

Our Laboratory includes the following calibrated testing equipment:

We understand that quality is a key requirement, our expert staff have the skills and knowledge to ensure your projects meet all specifications and requirements.

We can also offer 3rd party NATA accredited destructive and non-destructive testing.

Process Control

Every process is tested and monitored utilising state of the art testing facilities.

Heating Charts are available for each process at an additional cost and these charts indicate the exact process from start to finish including controlled ramp-up, soak and controlled ramp-down temperatures, dates and times.

If you are not receiving a full set of charts from your supplier from start to finish then you run the risk that you may not be receiving the full process cycle that is required in many heat treatment standards.

Our systems, processes and standards are based on the principles of ISO 9001 with core values of traceability and repeatability – Although we are currently not accredited (as this site has been in the past) this is only due to lack of demand.